Crib stacks

Forgot to post the finished results. I’ve got about 11 cords now. Should be enough for a long firing (12-14 days) and a short glaze firing (2-3 days) this coming summer.  



What a little sweetie my dog Heidi continues to be.  She is 13.5 years old and quite a bit slower but all lover, just like the day I got her. It’s been hard over the years to live elsewhere in the country while she’s been here at my family house in Michigan but she has kept my Mom company while I’m away. They are really good for one another. And she’s always been one to hang out while I’m splitting wood for the kiln. 


Woohoo Wood

Wood delivery for the kiln. If you need me, I’ll be in the driveway all week cutting, splitting, and stacking. 


and then there was light

After a well received opening and show run, the time has come to take down my installation. I sat last night for a time in Present Tense,  bookending the experience with a long moment of solitude, just as I had when the install was finished. Back then I wondered if it would work, how it would work? why did I make this? Is it any good? Did it need more? Less? Filled with self doubt and questioning. But slowly, time began to go by and patience set in and self doubt turned to wonder for others. What will they think? Feel? Wonder? Experience? Discover?  With most intentions discarded early on, there was only being present in the space.  And collectively we found that it was indeed working.  

Present Tense     

Aug. 30 - Oct. 8  RIP (rest in present) 


The endings first light  

Brand new site

Off we go with a brand new/updated site where you will have the ability to purchase works directly through the marketplace on SquareSpace.  I ask for some patience as I am building and designing the particulars and placement of work over the next few weeks.  Exciting times at hand as I enter the world of blogging  about my studio practice!